163 HP
Curb Weight
1180kg LB
Engine Size
2.5 L
Transmission Type
Transaxle 5M
MPG (City/Highway)
yes MPG

First registration June 1983. Unknown history. Bought in April 2013 in the Netherlands from FraWi (Hengelo). Odo stuck at 59500km, nobody can tell how often it turned over.  My guess is twice. Ripened in a German garage until June 2013, so it could be imported as a veteran vehicle to Norway.. Since the import registered and a growing list of issues, and a growing list of fixes (yes, the odo is working again). Which list is growing faster?

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[]Michael B. Gonzales

Sounds a lot like my Duc, always a challenge to stay one step ahead on the list of fixes :)

[]Nanoop Zundfolge

All prices in NOK.

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