Curb Weight
3,146 LB
Engine Size
2.6 L
Transmission Type

Ever since I was little, I've wanted a Skyline. It was the car that I played in various video games while in elementary school and the car that I dreamed of at night. I began to save money that I randomly got from jobs you do when you're a kid-do the laundry, mow the lawn, clean your room etc. In other words, I had a good chunk of money saved up. I always wanted an R34 GTR. However, since the R34 is unavailable in the U.S. for another nine years and already selling for over 100k-a price that I can't ever justify spending on a car-I figured I'd look at the R32. Though it was not my first choice, I still liked this car even before knowing a lot about it. After I did some research and found that the R32 is the original 'GODZILLA', that was all it took; I was in love. So, the waiting and searching began. I had been looking for about 8 months at different importers and Japan auctions with no real luck. There was always something wrong with the car that I didn't want to deal with or it was a sketchy buy. I really wanted a stock GTR so I could have a platform to build the car how I want it. This proved to be very difficult since most of the R32's have been touched somewhere. The search continued until late July. I came across a stock TH1 Blue GTR with only 35k miles-yes MILES- already imported in the U.S. sitting at a dealer in California. I had to try for it. I contacted the dealer and made the deal fairly smoothly. It took about two weeks to finalize everything and have the car shipped to me. I received the car late on a Sunday. The week before my birthday. Needless to say, it was a great gift.

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