SEE UPDATES AT BOTTOM OF STORY So this is a new project picked up by myself and my good friend Billdozer. It's a simple 99 civic dx-SOHC d16y7 motor and auto trans. NOT TRYING TO MAKE A RACECAR! This is going to be a clean simple car that looks good and runs well. The car came with an Invidia cat-back exhaust, an AEM intake, NGK plug wires and what looks to be an ebay strut tower brace. The head gasket is blown, so we'll be removing the head and getting a full port and polish job, as well as a new header, cam gear and probably a full pulley set. We're doing this on a budget, and are stockpiling parts right now preparing for a full on teardown and rebuild session. We'll also be adjusting the height with some lowering springs and giving the body a makeover with some new paint to boot. Billdozer has always been a brother to me so when this thing gets finished, it's all his. I'm only here to help. UPDATES: 2/26/20 new rack and pinion installed 2/26/20 new outer tie rod ends installed 2/26/20 Hart brakes installed 2/26/20 front lowering springs installed 3/14/20 had to cut bolts in rear lower control arms. Ordered new bolts and control arms 3/23/20 new rear lower control arms installed 3/23/20 rear lowering springs installed 3/27/20 head removed and taken to machine shop 4/3/20 head returned decked/cleaned 4/5/20 bodywork begins with straightening hood and adding vents 4/16/20 port/polish and valve job done in-house 4/19/20 head clear coated and reassembled 4/22/20 new head gasket, timing belt, water pump, cam gear, and head installed 4/29/20 new distributor and oil filter sandwich installed 5/1/20 valve cover re-installed, cam gear cover installed, 1st startup! 6/23/20 bodywork complete 7/3/20 paint applied! 7/18/20 hood finished and installed 7/24/20 grille and hood pins installed 8/10/20 Mini cooper wheels found and installed

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