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What size turbos?

If I want big boost between 3,500-4,500 RPM in an LS6 with twin twin-scroll turbo set up, what size

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My stepmom decribed an older car that had a round emblem with one line in the circle, someone pleas

[]streetspeed222 ..

Nevermind, I figured it out. It was a gas cap on the 1st gen. Camaro.

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What size Turbos?

If I want big boost between 3,500-4,500 RPM in an LS6, what size turbos would you recommend if I us

[]Gregory Garoppolo

I don't have your answer, but I think that you could probably find your answer on Grassroots Motorsports, Super Chevy, or Hot Rod magazine. They all do a lot of builds and are very DIY focused, I would see what turbos that those builders like first. Next my advice would be to focus on the location of the turbo and design of the manifold first (after deciding on a turbo brand/flange), in order to provide the shortest distance for exhaust gases to travel. I would also look at the most modern turbos available, since a lot of the bottom end losses can be mitigated with clever new impeller and turbine designs. For instance, I can now get the spool time of my OEM turbos, and most of the top end of giant RS6 turbos, while 10 years ago that wasn't an option. But in the end, no matter what direction you go, if you get a turbo running well on an LS6, it's going to be when hell of a monster!

[]streetspeed222 ..

Thanks for the advice.

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I am looking at a 1986 Camaro and a 1980 Camaro, they are both in great condition. Which should I g

[]Gregory Garoppolo

I am not a fan of peak-malaise-era GM cars, I would go with the 1986 Camaro. Not only were the 1986 cars not part of the malaise era, they also are capable of being made into good overalll sports cars pretty readily. Meanwhile the 1980 is a muscle car era dinosaur with an excessively restricted power plant. You may be able to do something about that engine, but the 1980 will require a lot more work to be more than a muscle car. Just do the opposite of what I said if you want the muscle car vibe though. :-)

[]Sebastian Nounou

The one that's less fucked up...?

[]streetspeed222 ..

They are both in perfect condition.

[]Craig Crall

I have owned Firebird's of the same vintage, essentially the same cars and worked on countless others in my mechanical career. The 86' is better in just about every category, but they have a weak point (easily repaired) which should be inspected and upgraded. The frame area around the steering box is prone to cracking on all 3rd Gen F-bodied cars. Welding 1018, 1020, 1040. 1/8-3/16" splice plates in this area will significantly stiffen it and will give the steering a much more precise feel. Other than that, the decision would be easy if the general condition is similar on both cars.

[]Bryan Holmberg

89 irocz was my first car so I have a soft spot for the third gen

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Turbo or Supercharger for LS1?

What works better for an LS1, a twin turbo system or a supercharger?

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LS2 or 429 Big Block?

If I want to daily drive, but kick ass should I get a 429 Big Block or LS2? For an early 90s fox bo

[]Hayden Baker

LS2 will be a lot lighter, cheaper, have better drivability, and just as much power potential. You'll get better gas mileage too. I love the 429 but the aftermarket parts are more expensive and if you used a carb, it'll be a big pain in the butt.

[]Christopher McDowell EL

Go with what your inner self tells you.

[]Craig Crall

As a Fox body owner, I hate to say it, but the LS engine would be a no-brainer. Cost per performance dollar; I can't think of a better engine. 385 series motors are cool, but weigh in at close to 675 lbs.with an aluminum intake. That 250 lb difference over the LS engine is significant.

A bone stock LS engine with some moderate turbo boost will make an absurd amount of HP and you could feasibly drive it every day, provided you supported it with a good cooling system.

When you do it, post up some pics for the rest of us.

[]Timothy Markworth

What's stopping you from daily driving something? I reckon anything can be daily driven if you can afford it. Cost per mile probably isn't on the mind here.