190 HP
191 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3105 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
3.1 L
Transmission Type
Wc t-5
MPG (City/Highway)
16 ish MPG
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        this is my RsR camaro i purchased the camaro for 500$ out of a ladies back yard, where the grass was cut around it. it took three days to get it running and drive it home with the heater on full blast trying to keep from overheating. with a little trouble shooting it turned out that a fan switch needed to me replaced and it ran great, thats about the only thing it did well lol. the car was hit in the front right corner, interior was in rough shape, trans mount shot, shocks and struts blown, a couple freeze pugs leaked, pealing paint, and worn out bushings, and the list went on and on. the first revamp consisted of kyb shocks and struts, ebc brake pads, 4th gen camaro wheels, magnaflow exhaust, hotchkis front sway bar and lowering coils. then a nice fresh coat of summit white... which only lasted about 6 months fortunatly. one night i was running a canyon and broke the front tires loose and plowed the front end, i tried as hard as i could to gain the slightest bit of grip but it wasnt happening. i slid off of the road into a bolder at about 65mph...tires were balled too lol. from then on it had a long road to recovery. the car was then trailerd under a cover up to my uncles shop where we put it under the knife. we removed the front end from the cross member forward and rebuilt the chassis peice by peice, spot weld by spotweld just like the factory did in van nuys. it took about 5 months working on it on the weekends to get it bad to driving condition. at that point i decided not to hold back at what i wanted to do with the car.... but still not hving much money and wanting chanpage budget parts on a beer budget meant i had to make them my self..... throught the years i designed suspention parts , tracked down some wide fenders that were discontinues years ago. i got hit with the track car bug..... currently the cars parts list is a mile long, but fronm front to rear.... it has a 2x2 twill carbon fiber splitter and rear spoiler that i made in my garage. the hood has a custom made head extracter i designed and had it cut out on a water jet that a friend of mine has in his garage, lucky me lol. i mounted flush aerocatch hood latches that we shaved and bodyworked into the hood. led fog lights mounted into the bumper where the turnsignals use to be. the turn signals were moved into the hi beam location and the head lights were made with the projector out of a lincoln navigator. suspention wise, its got fully custom built coilovers that i made myself with the help of a buddy who does suspention for trophy trucks. the coilovers are fully adjustable and can be adjust for ride height withou changing coil pre load. the camber plates were also made frome scratch on a plasma table with 7/8 unibals up top. the lowercontrol arms are tubular chromoly arms made with adjustable heim joins and an oversized ball joint, the arms dimentions are 3 inches wider on each side, creating a 6 inch wider front track width. the rear shocks are made and vlaved to match the fronts, the rears have external resivors. im using hotchkis sway bars front and rear and adjustable panhard bar. the rear end is out of a 4th gen camaro and also uses 1.26 inch spacer to match the track width of the front. wheels are c5 z06 wheels with 295 30 18 r888 tires. the car also has a rear diffuser i built out of alluminum, engine- 3.1 v6 with portmatched intake plenum, larger injectors, carbon fiber intake tubes, oversized double pass cross low radiator the we had to modify to get the radiator to fit in the frame rails. pacesetter headers wrapped in lava heat wrap into a y pipe and out through a magnafloy muffler and out through the blown diffuser. msd ignition as well as a remapped computer program which does ok for a v6 lol planning on a destoked ls1 swap in the future with a t56 and tri y headers suspention- custome coilovers front and rear with camber plates as well all custom width cromolly a arms with heim joints boxed rear lower control arms hotchkis sway bars front and rear custome made end links on the front sway bar hotchkis rear springs and eibach 275lb fronts iroc steering box drilled and slotted rotors on ebc pads 4th gen 2002 camaro rear end wheels- c5 z06 with toyo r888 body-2inch fender flares body worked smooth at all 4 corners to house the suspention and tires carbon fiber splitter and spoiler aluminum rear diffuser heatextractor hood louvers aero catch hood latches led fog lights projector head light tow loops magnetic grey paint with diamond dust interior- rear half of the cage is in with shock resivours mounted to the rear x bars scat pro car ficked back seats with a schroth harness for the driver custom doorpanels wrapped in alcantara dash insert with alcantars 2013 camaro steering wheel alcantara shift boot with carbon egg shifter with a cut down shifter sony mex 100 bt head unit , jl 1200 watt amp, polk audio components in the custom door panels 10 inch kicker sub in a custom box back seat deleite autometer carbon af gauge Oh and one more thing.... It's my daily driver The car now has 18x11 wheels with 315 30 18 tires all the way around with 14.5 in rotors and custom powder coated Pearl orange brembo calipers

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        []Shari Allison

        Hey Nick, I Love that my old Camaro is looking so Amazing! Yes, I am the "lady" you purchased it from :) Thank you for being so kind in your description, I know it was in rough shape. I just purchased another 1992 Camaro with only 46 k miles on it. I don't plan on driving the sh*t out of this one :)

        []Lorena Camarillo

        I have a 1985 z28 camaro I love for some one to modify my car like this it beautiful

        []Rick S

        Follow you on Instagram then saw your ST on the YT. Love the car man keep it up! Cant wait to hear the new engine upgrade

        []Tom Lettner

        Bro. Watched your vid on smoking tire! Your car is dope, LOVE it! Now for more power and you don't want a ton of torque down low. Don't go LS. Go out and buy a LT-5 out of a 90-95 Corvette ZR-1. It's DOHC 5.7L Rev's to 7500rpm stock makes 375-405 hp. With some work if you really want it the motor can make an easy 500hp and STILL revs!
        And to be fair with you. Your car is to unique to have a LS.....
        Every car can get an LS. Not all car's get an LT-5.

        []Tabitha Blagdon

        Nice story and congrats on being featured on Road and Track!

        []Jeremy Mensch

        I Would love to hear more info on the power parts for the 3.1 as i am currently building a 3.1, what injectors, how you remapped the computer etc thanks!

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