513 HP
418 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3600 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
4.6 L
Transmission Type
Top Speed
192 MPH
Zero to Sixty
4.0 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
12/18 MPG

This is my 2008 RS46 M3, I found this rare specimen in AZ. It's an M3 with the RD Sport 4.6 Stroker motor that compliments the M3 so well. Fixes all the issues with the mid range and gives the car an excellent powerband. I've always wanted to own an E92 M3, mainly because the coupe has always been something I sought and I was planning on supercharging or stroking out a stock motor...then I saw this beauty. I drove a total of 13 hours for this car, and it was worth every penny. The car came with just about every mod I would've installed myself, so that saved me a ton of money. Since i've owned it I've done a lot of fluids including: trans, diff, oil, as well as bled the clutch, and changed out the engine mounts, as well as replace the valvecover gaskets, install new plugs, new main drive belt and AC belt. Also replace the low pressure fuel sensor recently and and the idle air controller. The ITB actuators are a common failure point, so I went ahead and rebuilt them myself. O2 sensors are up next and diff bushings. Then maybe new bushings for the whole subframe if the diff bushings don't do the trick. So far I love working on this car and driving it. It feels very pleasing to shift through the gears rapidlyu. It wants you to rev it to the moon. With the RD Stroker motor making peak HP (513HP) @ about 7700 and Peak FT/LB TQ (418ft/lb) @ about 3600. I cannot wait to have Matt take her for a rip, it'll definitely be an experience unlike any other E9x M3. Also did I mention it's 6-speed manual! One of the best parts. Update: I’ve swapped out subframe bushings, new ball joints, replaced all suspension components up front including tie rods. I’m addding öhlin road and track coilovers. I also will be adding in a Spec twin disc clutch and a rogue engineering short shifter. And to top it all off supercharger going in last and a tune after!

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