150 HP
Curb Weight
2778 LB
Engine Size
2.5 L
Transmission Type


I purchased this vehicle in May of 2014 as something I could start my wrenching days with in hopes of one day making it my own and bringing it up to spec.  What seemed to need just a little TLC turned into getting all the belts and pulleys replaced, new steering rack, new engine mounts, and brake calipers rebuilt. The plan is to cruise around town and maybe do a bit more autocrossing but my main goal is to get some track days under my belt in this vehicle. Now, to figure out what is going on as far as the draw on the battery. Is something staying on and draining the battery? Is the voltage regulator all that that needs replacing or is that too easy a fix? Still mid winter here in Chicagoland but I am itching to get Roxanne back on the road. Updates coming in March.  

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