200 HP
200 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2400 LB
Engine Size
5.3 L
Transmission Type
4 Spd.
Standing Quarter Mile
12.9 Seconds
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        Track and weekend car only. Swapped with a Chevy 327. Very fast as well. Weighted on all four corners, racing alignment and Street legal slicks make it handle extremely well too. Big BMW brakes all around, upgraded master cylinder. Swap done by previous owner with genuine Renegade parts. I have been working the kinks out of the swap (A lot!)

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        []Glenn Ellingson

        Great color, and must be a blast. We have quite a few people autocrossing modified (including swapped) 914s out here; give us miata pilots a real run for our money!

        []Michael B. Gonzales

        Man, 200hp in a 914 would be freakin sweet. An LS would just be a total beast!!

        []Nikolaos Gousios

        Hi Jason, with the correct kit, you can swap an LS engine into the 914. You can also fit a SBC 350. That's what I had in the car before the 327. I have not heard of anyone going with more than an LS series engine. Thanks

        []Jason Nay

        Love it man. Is the 327 the max size engine that will fit?

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