This ride was purchased from the family of the original owner. They used it as a primary vehicle, then college vehicle for their children. When it entered my hands it was in dire need of a full overhaul. The interior was thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and had the brittle and cracking plastic panels removed or replaced. The glovebox was also replaced, since this vehicle was previously broken into and the glovebox lock sheared off. The exterior of the car was given a similar treatment with paint exfoliation with clay (since it was covered in tar and dried salt), and a polishing. Mechanically this vehicle was sound however it was suffering from some aging problems. One of the sparkplugs was stripped in the head which required extensive repair. After the gaskets and PCV system were replaced the vehicle passed CA smog on its first try. This vehicle was a pleasure to own and drive, I am currently hunting for one in a similar condition since it was so easy to own. Unfortunately I lost a 10mm Socket in the drivers wheelwell, every time i look in my toolbox I remember this car.

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