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Oliver von Mizener

Freelance Automotive Writer, published in PASMAG, and here on Wheelwell. I daily drive a '17 FiST, and someday I'll restore my poor E30.

Fantastic morning at the @fourtillfour Sunday Motor Club.

Not so lazy Sunday with the Super Car Pals.

[]Matt Heeley 1 point

Case in point: https://youtu.be/4mVRUgvAb2g

LA1 watching Akuma being built.

I've been in love with RWBs for years. Seeing one being built by Nakai in person was incredible. Never thought I'd get this opportunity, much less getting to bring home a signed piece of this build. Welcome to the world Akuma.

[]Wheelwell 1 point

RWBs really are in a class of their own.

The FiST survived it's first cruise. I made the right call with this car, so much fun on the twisty roads.

After sitting for nearly a year, my E30 fired right up and drove just fine. Welcome back home old friend 😁. Big thanks to @nhammon for helping me rescue it!

Bringing my old Bimmer out of storage this weekend.

FiST under a bridge. Had a clear bra installed on the ST in preparation for our End of Summer Cruise. Can't wait to take this through the twisties soon!

A good today: ☑️Horrible tires ☑️Cheap suspension ☑️Spun out shortly after A lot of lessons learned with this car. I can't wait to restore it and do things right this time around.

Just felt like a Mk1 kind of Monday. A shot I took at the @stanceworks open house last year.

Flashback sort of day. The last cruise I went on was nearly 8 months ago 😬. Itching to take the FiST to the canyons soon.

...I bought my first brand new car. This is my 2017 Fiesta ST. Shadow black, ST3 package, and I'm absolutely in love with this little car. Looking forward to many adventures with it. Bonus, my friend's Evo X. We like fast econoboxes I guess.


[]Rico Burrito 1 point

Fiestas are the new Pintos👍

[]Basir Khan 2 points

Congrats on the new ride!

[]Sheldon Hall 2 points

Nice, congrats! It looks like a super fun car.

Well, here it is. This is my new daily driver, a 2017 Fiesta ST. It's why the Bug had to go, but I'm beyond excited to have a brand new car (and a warranty 😅). Looking forward to taking this on many adventures.

My E30 is still in storage, so @weswatson93 let me test fit my RSs on his E30. This is with spacers... The specs were much weaker than initially thought, and the blue is pretty bad. I've always wanted to build wheels though, so we'll still call it a win.

WHEELS FOR SALE! $1300 OBO, 15X7 ET25, 4X100 REDRILL, 4X114.3. COMES WITH NEW SPINFAB HEX CAPS. Last night I sold my Mk2. I'll miss it quite a bit, but it had to be done. To cheer myself up, I bought a set of BBS RS wheels for my E30. Still can't believe I finally own a set of my dream wheels. Let the restoration begin!

Very rarely do I get to see a Lancer of this vintage. The old A70s just ooze cool.

Good menacing morning 😯 More MOD content soon!

Closing out our weekend in California. Had a great time with my friends over at2017. Now time to write a story on it 😁

Oliver von Mizener101 days ago

I've been up for 24 hours, but anytime is a good time to scrub an Evo.

Oliver von Mizener106 days ago

Hello again old friend. I bought back my old E30 from @fwiwice23. Thanks for taking good care of it 😁

Oliver von Mizener108 days ago

Flashback Friday. This photo perfectly describes my current car situation.

Oliver von Mizener112 days ago

Obligatory "@fwiwice23 is in town, and we're working on my newest project in his garage" photo.

Oliver von Mizener116 days ago

It's just been too hot to finish up the Bug this last week. I'm getting real close to being finished though.

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