After getting in a little over my head with my old E30, I decided to part ways with the project and find a more turn key car. I had set my sights on an old 2002, originally suspecting I would end up with a square tail in poor condition. However after a few months of searching, this little '73 popped up on Instagram. I messaged the owner, and next thing I knew I was on a plane to Stockton, CA to inspect the car and do some paperwork. The car was M20 swapped by the previous owner. They took the 2.5l 6 cylinder engine out of an '89 325i, along with the transmission and driveshaft, and plopped it all into this chassis. It sits on CAtuned coilovers, and was 5 lug swapped to accommodate the Firebird wheels it came with. The car is rough around the edges, but an incredibly solid base. Future plans are pretty simple, I'd like to focus on drivability, and interior. The hardwork has already been done, this is a car to enjoy.

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