148 Hp
140 LB-FT
3.1 Inch
2.6 Inch
Engine size
2.0 L
Transmission Type

My first car was a montreal blue 320i E36 coupe. I spendet the most of my money on it. It had, DTS coilovers, rondell 0021 rims, M bumpers and skirts, leather seats, wood trim and red tinted taillights. I never showed my car to the german TÜV so basically i was not allowed to drive it on the openroad. One day the cops pulled me over, they looked around my car and saw that i never went to the tüv, they told me to go to the tüv and pay the ticked. But sadly i didn't had enough cash to make it roadwhorty so i sold it. Then i got an Mercedes-Benz CLK200 i drove it for 6 month and sold it to get back to the E36. After a month of looking for a cheap e36 i found my new 320i. I picked it because it was exactly what i was looking for. A bone stock E36 with low milellage no rust and nothing special in the interior. The perfect car for a drift build.    I'm sorry for my bad english it is not my native language Update for mods follow soon

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