290 WHP
290 WTQ
Curb Weight
2720 LBS
Fuel Type
93 OCT
Transmission TYPE
6 MT
Drive type
Engine size
1.6 L

All it took was one drive. Circa Fall of 2020, I had a choice to make. I had recently lost my 2004 Forester XT due to an engine rebuild gone wrong. With the Fozzy as a jackstand queen, It was time to add a new runner into the stable. The question was, "what?" I toyed with the idea of 5.0s, Scat Packs, even trucks, but nothing spoke to me like my now dead Subaru did. Then I came across a video of a little hatchback blowing the minds of professional car reviewers and drivers across the globe. As you know, that little car was the Fiesta ST. I struggled to grasp onto how a tiny 1.6L Ecoboost could cause such a ruckus in the car community. Naturally, I had to know more. Thus, the search began. It wasn't easy at first. With used car prices skyrocketing it was hard to find a clean, lower mile FiST in my budget. Finally, I found the one for me. a shadow black 2016 Fiesta ST FBO and tuned with only 40k miles on the dash. It was exactly what I was looking for. I can still remember my first time behind the wheel. Immediately, I understood why this little turbo bean had such rave reviews. The driving sensation was intoxicating. It was physically impossible to not smile when hooning around a corner or listing to the turbo sing. I knew instantly, "This is the car for me". Of course, I told myself (as we all do) "I'm not going to mod this car any further". That lasted all of 3 months before a Turbo Technics S280 turbo and all supporting modifications were on their way to me. Its been an amazing adventure thus far with thousands of miles to come. I cannot wait to share this build process and the many fun weekends ahead.

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