345 HP
320 LB-FT
All Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.5 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
18/29 MPG

~ daily driver. "Stella 2.0" Picked heR up in 2009 stock from a guy in the OC selling it to finance his wedding. 100% CA owned & driven car, besides a couple trips to NV & AZ. Always garaged. Prior owner never drove out of state or in snow. ME7 M66 S60R in black metallic sapphire - blue nordkkap leather Stock internals & turbo. Stage 2 at 17lbs boost. Tuned by Lucky from ARD and formerly IPD tune specialist. Lucky really dialed it in well for a daily, as it is several years in & it has been safe and solid. I don't drive much or far, averaging under 7,500miles annually. Went a tad conservative to keep the torque near 320 lb-ft as these 2.5 blocks are epic, but need to be shimmed if one were to desire a reliable torque monster. Reducing the rotational mass with 2 piece rotors, 18lb wheels, PS4S shoes and bracing up the chassis really makes this car dance compared to stock. The feedback this car gives along with a hydraulic rack & 3 pedals plus all the aftermarket and it's rarity, make it a keeper. Had a black 1996 M3 coupe prior, however this lesser known Volvo jived more with my personality. I owned a 240 DL as 1st vehicle. Stick of course. Both tangibles and the intangibles come into play. . . The Volvo is lot of fun to drive. The 1lb Steel M1Abrams shift ball & short shiftier, combo, from TWM, counter weighted to it heaviest position is something to experience when you hear & feel the 5 cylinder engine with its harmonic ~ piston firing literally resonating through your body via the acoustical 3" wide oval exhaust. it just fills up all the right senses. <^> It burbles and pops too, but in that stealthy kind of way ;) unless.......... you're pullin' in [Advanced} MODE with some extra mapping & noises, then it's holy fire & brimstone to anyone or vehicle behind Stella in wild horse mode.

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Nu shooz PS4S and I pulled off the rally white plasti dip

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Very nice!!!

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Thank you Ben :D

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