Paul Endlicher's 1987 Ford Mustang GT
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1987 Ford Mustang




Horsepower444 HP
Torque380 LB-FT
Curb Weight3300 LB
Engine Size333 cid L
Transmission TypeT5-Z
Top Speed170 MPH
Standing Quarter Mile12.72 Seconds
Zero to Sixty3.8 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)12 MPG

The Story

87 'Vert GT with 55 000 miles, originally fully optioned white and blue auto w/ ac. Fully seam welded chassis with thru the floor custom full length 2x3" SFC's; welded 6 pt roll bar, fully re-enforced frame rails, welded vert rocker panels, plates and L frame supports; MM upper and lower front tower/g load braces; welded 2" tubular rear shock tower brace; re-enforced battle box rear LCA mounting plates and welded rear 0.125" bulkhead; re enforced front swaybar mounts; trunk mounted Odyssey 925A lightweight battery; Torsen diff w/31 spline Moser axles, welded tubes, powder coated housing, fully girdled and ARP studded 8.8 rear end; Ford Racing alu driveshaft, new T5Z; MacLeod scattershield, Hayes alum flywheel and Centreforce DF clutch.Full MM/Koni dual adjustable shock/strut package, front coil over kit w/ 350 lbs/in Hypercoils; 175 lbs/in rear springs w/ GW torque arm and spherical LCA's; Flaming River solid steering shaft and manual 20:1 rack; MM panhard bar; full poly bushing package in front LCA's, engine/trans mts, swaybar links and chassis mounts. Sumped and baffled fuel tank with full external -8AN Mallory Comp 140 return style fuel system; custom Pro Systems 780 cfm road race carb.Full MSD ignition system/billet distr and rev limiter equipped box. Kooks ceramic full length 1-7/8" headers with stainless 3" JBA X pipe, flow tubes, and 2.5" stainless polished Magnaflow asymetrical mufflers and tailpipes.13"/12" ducted 5 lug Cobra brakes; moving to 4 piston Brembos in the front shortly.Engine is 333 cid roller cam stock block built by PSP (Paul Silva Performance). 4.040" bore, 3.250" stroke; internally balanced, Eagle 4340 crank, JE pistons, CAT 5.400" H beam forged rods, Manley tool steel cirlox wrist pins; file fit rings, ATI alum damper; main and valley steel girdles; ported Dart heads (new ported Victor Jr's going on March 1 2015); Comp Cams mech roller cam; Crane hydr roller lifters, Comp push rods, Ford Racing 1.72 alum roller rockers; Comp stud girdle, motor is completely studded with ARP hardware, most of it 12 pt. Canton road race 7 qt baffled oil pan, Ford Racing HV oil pump, ARP oil pump drive shaft; Ford Racing oil cooler plumbed with -12AN braided hoses; Be Cool alum rad; Victor alum water pump, Victor Jr ported intake. Ford 140 A large case truck alternator 100A @ idle; external voltage regulator; all large gage wiring incl 1/0 to trunk mounted battery. OEM wiring harnesses relocated inside fenders; minimal wiring exposed.Street wheels - gloss black Terminator Cobra 17x9/10.5 wheels with Nitto 555 255/40 and 275/40track wheels - flat black Cobra R 17x9's all around with Nitto NT01 shaved 255/40/17'sCervini Stalker front bumper with Cobra R /SVO cowl hood; Mach1 lower air dam; SVO tail lights, Cobra rear bumper and Saleen rear wing.Recaro LS seats, Simpson 5 pt harness; raised clutch pedal, auto brake pedal, MM clutch cable w/ heat shields and alum quadrant and firewall adjuster.Car put down 388 rwhp 350 rwtq with iron heads flowing 280/180; new heads are alum instead of iron, and flow 310/210; rwhp now 444/379 tq. Car weighs 3500 with driver and fuel, corner weights are within 7 lbs; 54%/46% F/R weight distribution.

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        []Paul Endlicher

        Car is now home, lookin all Mad Max. MM tubular k member and forward offset Fox length control arms are in, featuring 1" engine setback, 1/2" engine drop and 1.5" front wheelbase extension. New cowl, MM torque arm, MM manual brakes, tubular lower rad support and quick ratio, high effort, power steering rack are also installed. Wheel flares are fitted but not installed. A few parts need to go to the painters for finishing. Need to order a hood soon. Recaro seats being upholstered in Alcantara and leather; custom seat brackets are 90% done, just need one more welding session and then some prep and paint. Tons and tons of work left to do before it's driveable; hoping for June.

        []Paul Endlicher

        car is in the body shop getting damaged cowl repaired and a few mods before the MM k member kit and T/A is going in.

        []Paul Endlicher

        thx. Ran a 12.7 at 114 in Aug. Still a 2.1 60ft time, so theres lots left.

        []Aaron Williams

        Love the car man! Highlighting it on the FB page today :). Gotta get those parts added in the parts section though!

        []Paul Endlicher

        Finally ran a 1320: 12.836 @ 113.49 mph....then added Brembo 4 piston front calipers and 315/35/17 Nitto NT01 rear now hooks up like it was on Velcro and the brake modulation is fantastic. Getting DTC60 race pads and slotted only discs soon.

        []James Robertson

        Sweet foxbody

        []Paul Endlicher

        installed a brand new Tremec T5-Z last summer. Seems to be holding up fine so far.

        []Jared Guerrero

        Hey do you still have the stock T5-z tranny? If so are you having problems with that much power on it?

        []Paul Endlicher

        444 rwhp @ 6500 rpm; 379 tq @ 5200 on the dyno this week.

        []Paul Endlicher

        Drove the car with open headers....felt and sounded like a NASCAR....dyno tune tomorrow.....should be putting down a rwhp number that starts with a 4....N/A !

        []Paul Endlicher

        car is at PSP Racing (Paul Silva; Joe daSilva's brother) with motor pulled out, heads off and bottom end inspected and given the green light. New Edelbrock castings and then ported by PSP Victor Jr heads (flowing 303/208 @ 0.600") going on with rocker stud girdle, 1.72 Ford Alum roller rockers and new BBK 1.75" ceramic long tubes. Should be done the next few days.

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