hello guys. Im Paul Lopez, & a full time CSUDH student while being 18 with a bagged gli(turning 19 april 25th if you were wondering lol!) I had got this car because i was working to hard at my job ironically trying to buy car parts for my other jetta, but sadly i ended up falling asleep behind the wheel, & crashing into a parked car( got off freeway because i felt as if something bad was going to happen), therefore i got this beauty a few weeks after. No one in my family has helped me with this car because its my car, therefore, i had bought everything, & will continue to do so. Unfortunately, since money is a little tight & need to do somethings, frame notch, window tint, etc. im not going to be able to put wheels anytime soon, just because i want to make this a perfect car *in my eyes at least*. Thanks for stopping by !

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