250 HP
244 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3034 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
25 MPG

I was fortunate enough to purchase this car at the age of 19. I never expected to own a car like this at this age and boy oh boy its been a blast. Upon purchase, I named the car Stacy (I like to name my projects). But my roommate brought up the point that "Stacy's Mom is the one who has it going on." and from that moment it stuck and I sent it with your typical custom euro plate that of course says "Stacysmom". This car has been through many transformations up until this point. When I first purchased the car, I set aside money to instantly throw into mods. Within one week, I was on an APR stage 2 tune with APR racing downpipe and the APR carbonio air intake. Within a week of being stage two, I blew the stock diverter valve, and upgraded to Go Fast Bits DV+. The car was finally at its full potential for what I wanted. Coming from a background of drag racing, I took the GTI to the strip for a test and tune event, just to see how myself and the car would do. I couldn't get the successful pass i was looking for because I was still learning the car and what it liked. My best pass of the day was a 13.4 at 104 (this is with launch control and no-lift-shift rom APR). Unfortunately, on my last pass, I got so much tire hop (thanks stock suspension and mediocre tires) that it bottomed out the car, destroying my oil pan. I was about two weeks into owning this car and already hurt it. Fixing it that night at the track, the car was good as new. Several months passed by and it came time to get the car inspected. Being that im from new Jersey, they have your typical strict emissions. I never knew that a stage 2 tune would screw with the "readiness" of my O2 sensors which caused me to fail inspection and I didn't know a garage that would pass me off. I resorted to downgrading back to a stock tune and throwing in the stock downpipe. My power and all the joy that stage 2 brought was gone. Since then, I have thrown on a Borla Catback, drilled and slotted brakes, steel brake lines and got my timing chain tensioners done.

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