~350 HP
330 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3450 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
4.6 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
hahaha MPG

This car has been in the family since new. My parents used to drive it on weekends only until my father and I decided to try our luck with track days. The car was pulling double duty for both myself and my father on the track so it lived a hard life for the first two years on the track. The second year on the track the car received some a much needed Maximum Motorsports basic suspension kit, better tires, better brake pads and cooling ducts, a pair of racing seats with harnesses and roll bar. The engine received a K&N intake, cat back borla exhaust, and a tune from Bama. Car ran well like that for the next 3 years being abused mainly on the race track. At the end of the second track season we had a bit of an incident and I spun the car off the track in the rain and hit the armco barrier with th entire drivers side of the car! Every panel was hit from front to back. Over the winter we found a black fender in a junk yard, it was in ok shape so we took it, at least it matched the color. Then we found a rear panel in another junk yard, when we picked it up it was literally the entire rear corner of the car! They cut the rocker in towards the center then towards the back inside the wheel well and to the rear trunk panel and the roof. So we literally had the entire drivers rear corner in the back of the truck on the way home. We spent the winter cutting off the damaged panel from the car and getting the good panel off the junk yard part. It went on really well and looks decent enough for now. eventually I will probably either get the car repainted or wrapped. For now the damaged door is still on the car and if you look closely at the pic above you can see how the front of the door is flattened when compared to the front fender. they don't meet up correctly and you can see the gap. Eventually I will go find a door as well. The rear toe link was bent like twig so those where replaced with MM links but the rest of the suspension was fine and survived. After 5 years in the track the car was in need of some love. So Maximum Motorsports and Full Tilt Boogie Racing were both enlisted to revive the suspension. The front received a MM K member with control arms, delrin bushings and coil overs. To add the adjust ability a MM adjustable sway bar was added as well. The  rear of the car was treated to Full Tilt Boogie Racing delrin kit with poly sway bar bushings and heim joint sway bar ends. MM coil overs and racing upper mounts complete the rear suspension. The differential is solidly mounted and realigned for proper driveshaft angles as well. The rear differential was badly in need of a rebuild since the bearings showed major damage from excess heat. With new bearings, seals, 3.73 gears and a ford racing carbon fiber clutch pack the diff was torn apart and reassembled with a Full Tilt Boogie modified rear diff cover. An oil pump and cooler were added to help keep the diff temps in check for future track events. An aluminum driveshaft was added followed by a light weight flywheel and Center Force LMC clutch kit.  The engine also had a few changes, American racing headers and X pipe were added with a JLT cold air intake and new Bama tune. The car was running great for about 300 street miles and 20 track minutes until disaster struck. The engine was rattling like a can of marbles from the front timing cover.  Over the winter the car was disassembled to find the two piece lower timing gears where loose on the crank because the key had broken. Luckily the gears didn't spin and cause a complete failure of the motor!  With the engine apart every timing component was replaced with MMR upgraded parts as well as a larger oil pan, billet oil pump, and MMR balancer. All the chains, gears, and tensioners are now top quality heavy duty parts and also fix all the weak links in the timing chain system. Since the motor was apart we took the opportunity to replace the cams with Comp Cams 106100 camshafts, degreed them to very specific lobe centers for the best power and replaced all the lifters and roller followers with Ford GT parts. Luckily the car started up and has been running well so far. I have only put 30 miles on it but so far so good. The cams claim they don't need a tune but I argue that they could use a tune for the best results. The car has a nice idle, slightly choppy but not so much that it confuses the computer.  The car has transformed into a real track car over the last couple years but it still is fairly decent to drive on the street. Suspension is tight but not bone rattling and the exhaust is loud but sounds great. It is fun to go for a cruise on the weekends and just enjoy the ride. The car doesn't lead an easy life and I don't intend to let it sit in a garage and not be enjoyed as they are intended to be.

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