Horse Power
287 whp
281 ft/lbs
Curb WEight
3212 lbs.
Rear Wheel Drive
LSD Gear ratio
5 spd.
Engine Size
3.2 Liter

The story of the Touge Team Evil S#!tbox Vaporwave M3, so far... Originally owned and tuned by Heartsdales out of Chicago, Previous owner used it as a daily and transformed it into a drift / track toy. Car was purchased this year, as previous owner Jay S. of Heartsdales upgraded to a caged e36 coupe chasis with a 1jz swap, given half a chance i bought this as quickly as i could as i always wanted an M3/4/5 e36, and the friendly relationship allowed for a price point lower than building the same car myself. Most of the work was done previously and most people would be wary of buying some one elses track drift toy, but Team Evil of Indianapolis has a long history with Heartsdales out of Chicago running all the way back to season 1 of drift indy in 2007, and before on the touge. Since the car was purchsed, i added a "Loud Style" neon leopard ZillaLife speed striping and so many slaps were added, along with in car entertainment including vaporwave headliner and neon and LEDS (notice me Morohoshi san) to fit the team evil style more, but style is only part of the equation so the car was given several full touge shake downs, and the cooling system was refreshed (small leak fixed, new water pump, new thermostat, aftermarket thermostat housing planed and RTVed to hell and back), including a basic maintenance check over and tune up at the same time. Overall the car is rusty and old and stiff as hell and steps out smoothly and comes back in line just as smooth. Maintain a good relationship with all the drivers you know because you never know when your dream car will pop up for sale by a friend. And in case your wondering about that 3.91 LSD its out of a winter package e36 convertible auto m3 (very hard to find), in mine its 75~80mph nearly 4500 rpms in 5th gear, tops out at 128 mph, pulls hard all the way there. Best Modification after the basics and a cooling refresh and tune up in my opinion, makes the car so rowdy and stupid.

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