190(est) HP
170 WHP
174 LB-FT
Curb weight
2710 LB
2.5 L
6-Speed Manual
2600 LB

I found this one on Kijiji, (Canada's Craigslist) for my second car, in summer of 2016. I didn't know much about what I was getting into at the time. All I knew, is I had a sneaky suspicion that I had seen these around once before. Turns out it was Need for Speed. The photo's posted on Kijiji, made it look in remarkable shape. While true pictures don't show everything, overall it was very aesthetically pleasing. Decently low KM's, detailed, little to no rust, nice big juicy Brembos, the factory sub, summers and winters offered with the car. It was marvelous of a find, and I wanted to see it. It was a young driver's dream car to own. However, I was soon disappointed the day of arrival. The owner came to me, whilst he was in the area. What rolled up was, a bit of a turd. The hood's clear coat peeling and spotted, large rust on the driver side door which sooner than later would become a hole. The roof was rusted under and top of the windshield. And the oil on the dip stick was 3/4 of a liter down. A wince fell over my straight face at the facts. Yet, I decided to go with it. Perhaps see what he had to say. More bad news arrived, as I was told about an accident, one of the reasons the paint job on the hood was so spotty. Despite its appearance, the 3/4 low oil, and the borderline fraudulent photos verses reality, the guy was fairly honest and informative. Little did I know about these cars, there were many issues with the engine, the QR25DE. Loose variable intake screws that worked themselves loose from the factory. The pre-cat breaking apart and sucking itself into the engine, decimating the cylinder walls, and leading to high oil consumption and power loss. All of which, he himself had fixed before problems arose. Despite, everything I had seen and heard, and the wince had run clean off my face, I decided to give it a go. I took it down the street for a cruise. It wasn't anything much at this point. It was decently comfortable for a economical 4 door sedan, the steering very firm but precise, and for a 22 year old car it ran well, like a top. Once I hit the open road, I decided to open it up a little. Originally it was to ensure, higher RPMs wouldn't cut out, or sputter, or cause a wheel to roll off into the sunset. But manners changed, once I past 1st gear at 5,000, I knew what fun a tiny little car could produce. The angry growl of the variable intake runners opened up at 5,000, with the cone filter whooshing and whistling all the way to 6,000 redline. The LSD took a hold of the heavy front and the slick summer tires. 1st to 2nd squealed them briefly with a little wheel hop, only to regain full traction. The torque was quite astounding for the little IL4. While not sinking you into your seat, its pick and go was not to be mistaken as economical. What the car was quite good at, was taking stops. The Brembos, no matter how hard to pushed the pedal wouldn't lock up. The tires only complimented their stopping abilities. That day and on the spot, I took the car. While I knew, it was in rough shape, I knew it was possible to be more. With a vast aftermarket, I had a suspicion I'd be putting some time into this car. Since the first turn of the oil drain plug, and the removal of the old worn spark plugs,I have been working to restore and improve on the Spec-V's dying platform. Countless hours of research, asking, and labor with the tuner's beginner compact-sedan has proven fruitful. Young enthusiasts, though far and few, exist and show what it can and can't do. It started with the placement of an oil catch can. Leading onto the straight piping of the exhaust and exhaust manifold upgrading. In smaller steps, it got improvements. And eventually things would lead me to a more expensive and ambitious goal. The intake plenum, something of which I certainly would have never thought of doing in a million years. Having taught myself a huge deal of things with this car, far more than I ever expected_ I only want to learn more. My previous car was a good jump off, but there was just no aftermarket. And admittedly, didn't do much for Hp gains. It got me familiar with things like exhaust, intake... and perhaps wheels. But with the Sentra, there are endless possibilities to make it better and to make it last longer than the suggested life span of 250,000KMs. While the forums can be_ cancerous and annoying, they have been of tremendous help in improvements, decisions, opinions, and (at the rarest times) an uplift in encouragement. I hope to one day have this car in better shape than it is now. Show off my dedication, work, and show that FWD can be fun and and enjoyable! Not just being an appliance that gets you places. And maybe, just maybe, it can die one day, knowing that it had the hands of someone who cared for it, and understood what car work and driving really should be about. Pure enjoyment. -------------------BIGGEST Future Plan Goal------------------------- - Supercharging. With low psi for keeping some engine longevity and drive-ability. But enough to make some smoke. - Engine rebuilt or "decently new" swap. Hi comp pistons, good cams, the works. - Reinforce the chassis. Though not the HIGHEST priority, on the list none the less. Especially with some charging. -------------------List of things that need love (more for myself. but feel free to look)------------------------- - Driver side head light not working (short in harness, connecting both onto one circuit with bigger fuse) - Fuel tank buoy a bit off - Bodywork RUSTY, minor dents (Roofline, hole in driver door, little bits here and there, rock chipped hood) - Inner top-hat Suspension bolts missing, one stuck. (Not sure if needing new top hats or just need to get new ones in. - Thermostat MOD, because why the hell did Nissan put two different temperature stats?) - fix interior rattles (not biggest concern) - add a small body heat shield near the tail pipe (more or less to happen when I wrap it, to protect the wrap.) - clean up engine bay. Make things more presenting, fix little marks, clean old gunk, oil and road grime. (We're getting there though.)

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