175 HP
180 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2710 LB
Engine Size
2.5 L
Transmission Type
6-Speed Manual
Est New Curb Weight
2600 LB

I found this one on Kijiji, (Canada's Craigslist) for my second car, in summer of 2016. I didn't know much about what I was getting into at the time. All I knew, is I had a sneaky suspicion, I had seen these around once before. (Turns out it was Need for Speed.) The photo's posted made it look in remarkable shape. While true pictures don't show everything, overall it was very pleasing. Decently low KM's, detailed, little to no rust, nice big juicy Brembos, the factory sub, and all those nice features where advertised and presented. A young kid's dream car, I guess. However, I was soon disappointed the day of checking it out. He came to me since he was in the area. I wasn't sure what to expect. What rolled up was....a bit of a turd. The hood's clear coat was peeling bad, large rust on the driver side door, roof rust by the windshield... Cringing, I decided to go with it, see maybe what he had to say. Most disturbing was seeing the oil about 1L down on the stick, and notice of a minor accident on file While fixed, still not always comforting to know. Despite its appearance, the guy was indeed honest, mentioning the issues with the engine he had fixed, the accident, ect. The good news was, he was taking care of it, decently. It was then I decided to give it a go, see how it handled how it ran. The moment I began to test drive it, I knew right away, this was the right car for a young growing enthusiast like myself. The car was what I wanted out of a IL4. It had sport, was "fuel efficient enough," good sounding, wasn't falling apart too much. And according to my friend at the shop, the aftermarket was vast and the possibility for performance was there. Besides, had Brembos and LSD, why not right? That day and on the spot, I took the car from him. Since then, I have been working to both restore and improve on the Spec-V platform. I have done countless hours of research, asking, and labor with the tuner's beginner compact-sedan. There are enthusiast, though far and few, exist and show what it can do (and what it can't do.) My starting goals were to get rid of the header and plenum and make some good power out of the 2.5L. Which I have. The next is body work and handling, and then further improvements on performance. Whatever that may be. The thought of forced induction sways back in forth in my head. While it would be an achievement and make for some mad Hp, I'm not sure if it's the best way to go with this car. Regardless of my indecisiveness on induction, I have taught myself a huge deal of things with this car, far more than I ever expected. And I only want to learn more. My previous car was a good jump off, but there was just no aftermarket. With this, there are endless possibilities to either rice it, or make it a FWD beast. Best of both worlds for me. I hope to one day clean this one up nice enough, that maybe I can do a couple of car shows. Show off my dedication, work, and maybe make a good name for the car. Prove to the people that heavily under estimate it. -------------------BIGGEST Future Plan Goal------------------------- - Supercharging with a Toyota Previa or possibly Pontiac Gran Prix. With low psi for keeping some engine longevity and drive-ability. But enough psi to have some fun with pedal to the metal and roll with some higher HP cars. - Engine rebuilt or "decently new" swap. Hi comp pistons, good cams, the works. - Reinforce the chassis. Though not the HIGHEST priority, on the list none the less. Especially with some charging. -------------------List of things that need love (more for myself. but feel free to look)------------------------- - Driver side head light not working (short in harness, connecting both onto one circuit with bigger fuse) - Fuel tank buoy a bit off - Bodywork RUSTY, minor dents (Roofline, hole in driver door, little bits here and there, rock chipped hood) - Speakers crackly and whinny (need new? Short? Bad grounding?) - Inner top-hat Suspension bolts missing, one stuck. (Not sure if needing new top hats or just need to get new ones in. - Thermostat MOD, because why the hell did Nissan put two different temperature stats?) - fix interior rattles (not biggest concern) - add a small body heat shield near the tail pipe (more or less to happen when I wrap it, to protect the wrap.) - clean up engine bay. Make things more presenting, fix little marks, clean old gunk, oil and road grime. -Passenger door misaligned and super stiff... Window loose.

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Philip Harris 128 days ago

#carporn #greatidea #jeep #cheif715 An example of bringing it back. In this day and age, we're trying to do a lot of "throw backs." The Challenger, the Charger, The Supra, rumors of an RX-7 again... But generally (not all the time), but generally... you get abominations like the Dodge Charger... and if you wanna fight, the Supra. Though I'm not turned off by it, but not what I was hoping for. ANYWAYS: This here is a nice refresher with

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#carporn One of the lesser known iconic cars of #Porsche , the #550A Spyder. I found this forum with this car posted. (There is a forum for 550As? Who knew?) EVERY picture is just, simply perfect. Every angle catches it's unique body. If you don't find this car even remotely stunning and unique... I'm sorry for you. http://www.spyderclub.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=16440

Philip Harris 174 days ago

It's been, 2 weeks, and already its hit 14,113 views and 14 followers. Wow, THANKYOU all for the support and mere curiosity with the Sentra!! What do you want to see done to her next?

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