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She races in 6 different racing series!

From the quarter midgets, micro/mini sprints, USAC midgets, INDYCAR’s USF2000 Series and ARCA Racing Series, Shannon McIntosh has got it all covered. Follow Shannon on Wheelwell , Facebook , Twitter & Instagram  

What kind of car do you drive? How did you end up with it? I drive a 2015 MINI Cooper S. 2-door hardtop . I was getting rid of my 2003 Acura RSX and wanted something fun to drive. MINI's have an awesome, sporty and quick feel. Mine's a 6-speed and actually had a decent amount of room if I need the space. What was your first car? What happened to it? A Honda Prelude. My sister got it when I bought my Acura. It was fun!

What was your dream car as a child? What is it today? I've always loved Porsche. Specifically, a Porsche 911 Turbo S for a daily.

What’s the best car you’ve ever driven? Either the Porsche GT3RS or the Porsche Turbo S, depending on the occasion. ;)

What’s the most fun you’ve had in a car? Anytime I'm racing!

What’s your favorite road to drive on? Anything windy and with elevation change. I really want to drive the Tail of the Dragon.

What got you into racing? My dad was a race fan and we started for fun when I was 5. I won my very first race and kept moving up over the years, eventually racing professionally for teams.

What’s your favorite track? What would be the ideal car to bring to it? It's hard to choose! One of my favorite dirt tracks was always Lawrenceburg, IN. For road course, I love Road America.

Any race day rituals? Very important for me to eat light and healthy but other than that, just getting into the zone and having some quiet time.

Where can others follow you online?   Wheelwell ,  Facebook ,  Twitter &  Instagram