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Corvette (C7) Longtube Headers. What’s New? - An extra wideband o2 port that’s accessible w/o removing the chassis stiffening plate - Fat 2-inch primaries That big supercharged 6.2L LT4 moves a lot of air, and you need high flowing headers if you want to take that sick ride to the next level of performance. Large-bore mandrel bent primaries, TIG welded to a 3/8” thick laser-cut flange. And don’t get me started about how the flange is port matched, creating a smooth transition from cylinder head to the header - no dead spots, no turbulence, a no-brainer. (A note about that o2 port: Many of our dealers offer dyno tubing as part of their services. They asked us for a C7 header with an extra o2 port that could be accessed without removing the chassis stiffening plate, greatly speeding up the tuning process.) supercharged