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mk3 gti project

well I don't even know where to start lol, I bought this 1996 Volkswagen golf gti from a guy who recently bought a 2016 Volkswagen golf gti and had no use for this 96 Volkswagen gti.. I bought it as a project car but kept running into issue's, I was aware of a oil light issue that kept Popping up on my dashboard every time I started the car, so I automatically cut the car off due to inspection I needed a oil pump and timing belt.. but the way my luck was going on October 28, 2016 I was looking at more things then a oil pump an timing belt.. I ended up calling one of my buddies who happens to be a Volkswagen Tech and he suggested that i go to UroTuning for my parts needs, after I went to UroTuning i realized their is only so much that they had in stock. so with that being said I ordered everything that I needed from UroTuning (that they had in stock) and the rest of the parts that I needed I went to the dealer.. it currently had the ABA 2.0L that I plan on ripping out an swapping a Mk4 r32 swap into it sometime this year or next year.. the ABA is just not what I've expected for performance All though I plan on rebuilding it (the 2.0L ABA) with basic upgrades such as cams, headers, injectors an swapping it into a mk2 jetta/golf.. yes I'll upload more pictures of what I've done with my Mk3 GTI