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24 Hour Motor Build, Swap, & Drive - Randy's B20V Turbocharged Ek Hatch

Follow Randy: @randlow Thank you to JB for Having Oil Feed Line In Stock: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: _ I BOUGHT A TURBO! - HOW I GOT MY INTEGRA - SPONSORS. Ziptiez Race Supply - use code 'Zosh' for 15% off your entire order Need Advice?: Hey, Welcome to my channel! My Name is Percy Mescudi also known to most as Zosh. I'm a 21-year-old automotive car & comedy enthusiasts from South Florida! I have a strong passion for Cars & Comedy. What you can find on my channel is comedy related content like sketch comedy and funny rants. For the car aspect, you can expect car blogs, car part installs, & various other car related content! I hope you enjoy what I have to offer. Subscribe if you like what you see! =)