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BridgeMoto 600 HP RB30-Swapped Nissan 240SX - (Track) One Take

This video was recorded at the #GRIDLIFE Motorsports and Music Festival South at Road Atlanta. For more info, This 1995 Nissan S14 (240SX, Silvia) by BridgeMoto features a built 3.4L Nissan RB30 Inline Six engine with Twin Garrett Turbochargers making an estimated 600 horsepower to the wheels. The goal of this build was to find a balance between extraordinary power and handling, while keeping it "in the Nissan family." Check out BridgeMoto's custom-colored racing safety gear here! Build List: - RB30 Block, Stroked to 3.4L with full Billet crank and forged internals - 600 WHP - Skyline GTR head, 272 Cams - Twin Turbo Garrett BB 3071R’s - Custom Intake and Exhaust manifolds - Custom Air Inlet for cooling turbochargers - Full V Band connections - Tremec 6 speed Magnum - SFI Mantic multidisk clutch - Fortune Coilovers - BridgeMoto Carbon Seats, Harnesses - Seibon Carbon Hood - Stack Digital Cluster - Work Wheels - BridgeStone RE71R Tires - Brembo Brakes - Carbotech Endurance Race Pads - Nismo Control arms