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350Z Race Car Track Damage Repairs and Prep

My 350Z has been to several tracks day in it's current set up, and it has sustained some damage in that time. The main damage to repair was to the front splitter which was no longer really effective as too much air was leaking off the top surface, and the bottom wasn't smooth. Luckily, it's not daily driven anymore; so, hopefully, these repairs will last me for a while. Second, I have been struggling to find a brake duct set up that lasts and works. The original ducts were way too small; then the naca ducts didn't keep the hoses attached. So now I'm trying a firmly mounted center duct on the splitter. Third, the oil and trans coolers weren't quite keeping up; these coolers are a much more efficient design and the trans cooler is much larger. Fourth, the oil pan spacer is leaking a bit; so, I'm switching from RTV to a gasket. Lastly, I just need to do various smaller things I have been putting off. After all this, the car should be in great shape for Roebling in two weeks. Nothing too exciting, but it had to happen. Subscribe! Comment! Connect! Facebook: Instagram: Wheelwell: Check out the "Channel Music" playlist for songs I feature.