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2010-2012 Mustang Covercraft UVS100 Heat Shield - 50th Anniversary Logo Review & Install

Shop This Covercraft UVS100 Heat Shield: Subscribe for New Mustang Videos Daily: Protect the interior of your Mustang from the harmful ultra violet rays and keep it cool with this Covercraft UVS100 Heat Shield! This heat shield features a unique accordion design to easily expand for use. Item 101855 MPN# UF11112F-FD-56 Great Protection. If you hate climbing into a hot car in the middle of summer, this Covercraft UVS100 Heat Shield helps block the sun's rays, keeping the interior cooler. That means no more dealing with a steering wheel that burns your hands, or upholstery that bakes your backside. A mirror-like finish on one side of the shade reflects the sun's rays back, keeping them from entering the interior and heating things up. On the flip side is a black surface you can use in the winter. It helps combat frost forming on your windshield, so you're not having to scrape it off. A 50th Anniversary Logo celebrates the heritage of your Mustang, which is an added plus. Remember that Covercraft designed this heat shield to fit on 2010 to 2012 Ford Mustangs of all types. Made to be Durable. Covercraft made this heat shield using a triple laminate design. The outside facing layers are silver, over a foam cork board for insulation. The other side of the heat shield is made of soft felt, so it won't scratch your dashboard. The official logo is silk screened onto the heat shield. A polyester outer film guards against wear. Covercraft covers this product with a 3 year warranty. Simple to Use. There isn't much of an installation, because you just unfold this heat shield, place it behind the windshield, and fold down the sunshades to hold it in place. ---------------------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE at Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: is your aftermarket Mustang parts authority for late model 1979 – 2017 Ford Mustangs! We offer free shipping on everything within the US and have the best price-matching and Mustang customer service experts in the industry.