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Sean Wally
San Jose, CA
Posted 559 days ago

Monday morning at a different Pick-N-Pull

Having struck out on some of my shopping list on Sunday morning, I hit up another Pick-N-Pull a little closer to home this morning. Had the presence of mind to check their inventory to see if there was anything on their lot that might just possibly happen to have what I need and there were a though I wasn't especially hopeful that the parts I wanted wouldn't have already been pillaged. Thankfully, I was wrong!

This guy is a 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe, two wheel drive and much to me great pleasure and surprise it still had it's 5.3L LM7 hanging in the engine bay. The transmission was gone but the motor was still there! More importantly to me, six of of it's eight D585 coils were also still there. I ganked 'em, $12 a piece.

Cleaned them up when I got home, drilled out the mount holes to 6mm, then mounted in the SADFab coil bracket.

But why? Because stock Miata coils suck when you throw boost at them and LS2 truck coils have more spark in them I imagine I'll ever need . Current plan is to run them wasted spark.