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Sean Wally
San Jose, CA
Posted 563 days ago

Sunday morning at Pick-N-Pull

Swapping from an NA to an NB throttle body on the Exocet because the NB throttle body has internal ports for the idle air control, unlike the NA's throttle body that has an external port. Functionally identical, cleans up two possible areas for boost leaks and gets rid of an annoying but not impossible intake consideration. Problem - Though it's compatible with the NA, NB IAC solenoid has a different plug style making it a not direct swap. The proper plug is available on line for $24. Thing is, that particular plug is pretty common, used for various things on at least 95 different foreign and domestic car models.

Grabbed a friend on Sunday morning and hit the local Pick-N-Pull with a list of the at least 95 cars the connector came in and a shopping list of other parts. Found four of them on throttle bodes of a row of Ford Contours. Two are marginal, one is passable, and one is almost perfect. $5 each, not so bad to have some spares in my tool box.

Unfortunately they that particular Pick-N-Pull was fresh out of anything that would have had the other parts on my shopping list.

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