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New short throw clutch stop helps rev matching

Ever since I bought the M3 I have found the clutch to have a lot of travel past the grab point. This made finding the grab point tricky and I generally pushed it in a bit too far to avoid grinding gears.I found this created a timing issue so when I would rev match on a down shift I would release the clutch as the revs were "blipped" but the revs would fall too far by the time the clutch grabbed making smooth heel and toe very difficult. Installing a custom "short throw" clutch stop has solved all my problems. By setting the clutch stop to stop the clutch going any further just after the grab point I can now quickly shift (up and down) with much more accurately. I know now that when I release the clutch it will immediately grab. Fast upshifts under acceleration are smoother and the down shifting is much easier to rev match. I can't recommend this simple upgrade enough as it makes fast gear changes much more satisfying! Check it out at: 

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