Last night I decided on a "final" paint scheme for my wheels and picked up some supplies

Went out to the local big box hardware store and picked up some painting supplies. 2 cans of self etching primer, 3 cans of semi-gloss black, a can of semi-gloss purple, and 2 cans of satin clear.

The "final" scheme is to strip the wheels completely, prime them, put a few coats of the black over everything but the lip, paint the lips with the purple and coat it all with satin finish clear coat. This of course may change if my wife likes how the gloss looks before clear (my preferred choice) or if I can find some Rustoleum color shifting paint cheaper than AutoZone has it ($22 a can).

The purple I got for paint is actually a bit darker than this. This was just a rough idea in Paint. We held up some paint swatches from the store to the car and didn't like how the brighter purples looked. I did yet another quick edit in paint to get a feel for how it would look when it's all done.

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