Rafael Sanchez
Bridgeport, CT
Posted 497 days ago

Black Forest Industries Stage 3 Clutch 500 Mile mini review

To be honest installation is pretty straight forward. BUT in my case, it was an absolute bastard! My father inlaw  and I had to drop the transmission THREE times to get it right. Just a little side note, my father inlaw is not a mechanical noob. He built a 2JZ AE 86 that makes 530HP to the wheels@14 PSI of boost and 434 ft/lb of torque to the WHEELS in his home garage! But I digress. We thought it was the throwout bearing because it wasn't making contact with the pressure plate. But I think the flywheel and clutch disc weren't properly aligned. Now the reason I think that was the case is because when we took out the old South Bend stage 2 clutch, the alignment tool fit perfectly in the clutch. With the new one, it barely fit and when it did it would pretty much get stuck. But the last time we dropped the trans, we put the old throwout bearing back in to see if it made a difference. We even managed to break a nipple off of a coolant coupling causing a huge leak whomp whomp. $20 for the new coolant coupling.  But anyway, today I finished the 500 mile break in period! To be honest the clutch pedal feels slightly stiffer than stage 2. But it's not to the point that it feels like you're doing leg day at the gym. Going into reverse and 1st gear seems a little more difficult to get into gear even though it occasionally did do the same thing before we changed the clutch. I guess it's more noticeable now. It does have way more noticeable chatter especially with the AC on. It sounds almost like a TDI lol. At first it was very annoying but now it''s not too bad. Down shifts are an absolute dream! So crisp and no rev hang! It also feels like it revs more freely even though the flywheels are the same weight. I would recommend this clutch to someone who wants to go stage 3 but doesn't want to sell a kidney for it.

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