Joe Cipriani III
Posted 447 days ago

First we go.

I finally got around to post something. On the 26th I went to the track for the first time and ran the 1er. It was an amazing experience besides for two things but I will get to that in a bit.  A buddy of mine, his friend and myself went to Pittsburgh International Race Complex to thrash around our cars. I ran in the novice group, obviously, and apparently we had a large group. 30 or 40 of us I believe and we were all running vastly different cars. A few Porsches, older and newer muscle cars, and even a Mini.  The BMW performed great around the track for my skill level. The back never really came around and the breaks worked very well except for one time. I went to pass someone and I couldn't pass him quick enough.  I had to get on the breaks pretty hard and they had fade. I got off the track to let them cool down.  The second incident was the next hot season (there was a pace lap inbetween which I drove in) and around the second or third lap I blew a coolant hose and was towed off the track. That ended my day but even with those two things it was a blast! Pictures related.

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