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MICHELIN® Pilot® Super Sport Tire Innovation: Bi Compound Tread

Born from endurance racing, the Michelin Pilot Super Sport tire gives you the exhilaration of driving the best performing street tire in the world. The Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires' bi-compound tread uses different rubber compounds on the outer and inner areas of the tread. On the outside, a unique, carbon black-reinforced elastomer- developed specifically for the 24 hours of Le Mans- ensures exceptional endurance and cornering power. On the inside, the latest generation high-grip elastomer enables the tire, on wet surfaces, to break through the water's surface and adhere to even the slightest irregularity in the road. The result means up to 12% better handling and up to 2 times longer lasting than leading competitors. The MICHELIN® Pilot® Super Sport Tire will be available in April 2011. Go to for more details.