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Team MICHELIN® Tire Selector: Summer Tires

TEAM MICHELIN® TIRE SELECTOR. Welcome to the easiest way to find the right tire. The first step to finding the right tire is to consider the conditions you drive in. Summer: Summer tires are designed for higher-performance vehicles and optimized to work great in both dry and wet conditions. They often have a shorter tread life, but in exchange drivers get superior performance and handling capabilities. Keep in mind that even though they're designed for multiple weather conditions, summer tires should not be used in freezing weather. Michelin partners with some of the world's most uncompromising luxury and performance vehicle manufacturers to develop our summer tires. We're subjected to the highest possible scrutiny and their technical approval is very difficult to achieve. Michelin Summer Tires even come standard on many of the world's top performance vehicles. Click here to start your guided search: