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JSCC: Supra's, NSX's, RX7's, and GTR's Galore (Picture Heavy)

Went to a meet called the Japanese Super Car Cruise this weekend. Never seen so many of these iconic 90's Japanese cars in one sitting. 

A sea of Supras

Sadly wasn't able to get a photo of the Toyota Chaser and Datsun 510.

Some Italians dropped by too!

The rollout video!

Rolling with the NSX crew to Treasure Island!

A staged up and ready for some photos!

Supra's on one side

And the RX7's in another.

There was a security officer who was telling us to get off "private property" but when people kept pouring in, she gave up LOL.

Shameless plug with my car, heh

It was a super fun day! Photos by me and Ed Byrne!