#Repost @ericmarshfoundationwildland ・・・ I saw the movie about our Granite Mountain HotShots last night along with my husband, some fellow alumni, fellow liaisons and honor guard and dear friends. Jessica (fellow hotshot wife) and I knew it would be better if we saw the movie with people that had experienced that time with us. This entire week, memories started to flood in and anxiety set in me. I remember Seeing Amanda's face, hearing her and other wives and family members, alumni, grown men cry out in absolute sadness in that middle school, was the worst thing I have ever experienced. My husband worked with Eric for many seasons. The day after the accident he reported to the Yarnell hill fire to continue working to help put it out. He had to put his feelings of loss on the back burner to do a job that had to be done. For 2 weeks I was alone with our daughter and trying to be sure I did my best in assisting these 19 families that just lost everything. As a Wildland fire wife, it's incredibly easy to imagine suffering the loss these families went through. It was devastating to think of. As these past 4 years have gone by, the feeling of devastation turned to hope. Hope has given a new meaning in my life. Amanda and So many of the 19 families have inspired me, and brought hope to us all. When we were told they were making a movie of our guys, We knew it would be hard. So last night, as I saw the faces and hugged the amazing men and women who went through those sad moments with me, we watched the movie together with tears, laughter and silence. It was very well done, and a great tribute to our GMHS. It was funny and It was sad and it was beautiful. Sure it's not 100% accurate but it doesn't need to be to tell their story of love, integrity, sacrifice and family. Those men were some of the best men this world has ever seen. Their story is in us all and we experienced them and the loss of them in so many different ways. I hope this movie touches you and that how they lived resonates more than how they died. And that you see their sacrifice in those that still dedicate their life to serving our fire community. ~ Amy