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Justin Cavallucci
Posted 541 days ago

Inspiration to work on your projects

Today I found some inspiration to work on my car in an unlikely way. I decided I wanted to clean the inside so I didn't feel like I was hopping into a piece of junk every time I got into it. I found out the true extent of how badly damaged the floor pans, carpets, and headliners are as they each disintegrated into tiny little bits as I cleaned them. I eventually stopped caring about maintaining it as it is because I would be welding in the new floor pan sometime this upcoming week. I made a fist and punched a hole straight through the passenger rear floor. I felt like Ironman when I did this and laughed for ages. This made me realize I was going to work on the car fearing what I might find next that will add to the total bill when she's all done. I at that moment thought to myself how silly this was and that I was prepared emotionally and financially for whatever comes my way regarding the car. Basically, I feel motivated to plow through as much as I can a day on this car and have fun while doing it. I bought the car to have fun. Have fun while working, don't stress out when something bad happens. That's my advice to y'all

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