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My exprience buying a car from an online auction (Copart/Dashub

I wrote a whole thing for this but the wheelwell just decided to crash so im going to make this super short also there will be a part 2 because this is everything before receiving the car alright you cant buy most cars that are salvage because you need a dealers license if you buy the car on dashub you don't so i bought mine on dashub there costumer support is really really good they explain everything and you don't have to wait an hour to talk to one of them and they basically do everything from talking to copart and setting up shipping so i found an E30 318is Manual with 150,000 Actual Miles it looked pretty good so i  got it for 1700 dashub has a $300 dollar fee and i also had to pay $300 for auction tax and $140 for the title and some other stuff and $260 for shipping it was only like 4 hours away maybe less so for a total of $2700 i got it that a pretty good deal if it runs when i get it usually they go for $3700 to $4500 in decent condition where i live so yeah everything has gone super smoothly and dashub made it pretty easy for someone who has never done this before ill be making a part 2 that is longer an more detailed when i receive the car and hopefully wheelwell wont crash :I