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2019 Toyotas

So, given my line of work, I try to keep up with the Toyota lineup, and sometimes I get really excited. Have you guys seen what 2019 is going to offer? The Avalon: The Corolla HB: The Yaris Sendan: The RAV4: The Supra: Personally, I'm really excited for this lineup. After the new and arguably best-looking Camry, and the weird-but-cool CHR, it looks like Toyota is finally picking a direction and running with it, instead of playing it safe. I really respect that, and I think it'll pay off big time. I'm most excited about that RAV4. If it looks as good as the renderings and spy shots hint at, I'm sure it'll be a really great small SUV. The integration of Apple Car Play is another step in the right direction. Everyone else uses it, it's long past time for Toyota to hop on the hype-train. Hopefully before too long, we'll see Android Auto, as well.