Do you like spinning in circles?

In case you guys haven't noticed, I like ridiculous cars. I don't necessarily want all of them, (just many many of them) but I usually appreciate them regardless. I've always thought the original dodge Viper was a silly car; it's proportions are cartoonish, it's development, while effective, was rather unconventional, as was using a giant V10 truck engine for power.

Then Dodge went and gave it a super American name, that every kid of the 90s probably thought was the coolest name ever, Viper. The car was a huge marketing success and ultimately became, became being the operative word, a very competent car. The early cars however, had a reputation for providing unexpected 360 degree views of tracks, mid lap. If you were lucky, you might even go more than 360 degrees. So naturally, what you need to make that all better is a Paxton supercharger and intercooler.

The car makes around 750 HP, no mention of on the insane torque number is made. The car appears to have uprated wheels and tires, but that's it. It's simply an already ill-mannered Viper plus the addition of a supercharger. What could go wrong with that?

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