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C4 Update: Roadkill

If you're familiar with the amazing YouTube show Roadkill, you should have a fairly good idea where this is going. Started the C4 tonight, and took it for a test drive. Upon taking it for a drive, I determined that the car could make it home. So I put my truck in my shop, and drove the car home. The car starts to sputter and die when it slows down. Bear in mind that the gas is at least 5 months old, (which I'm attributing to a couple of rough running problems). The first time, it wasn't a huge issue. Crank the car, and it'll start back up. The third and fourth time, there were some problems. Long story short, battery is BEYOND toast. The amazing people at the Stripes gas station let me keep the car there until I could go to o'reillys tomorrow and pick up a battery.