Kit Lau
San Francisco, CA
Posted 198 days ago

Excited with all the new submissions for Inside the Build!

Thank you everyone who responded to me on the private message about featuring your ride for Wheelwell's Inside the Build. We received many awesome submissions! Skylar and I can't wait to go through them and put them on the Inside the Build emails! Please keep uploading those new pictures and keep filling out those parts. The more filled out your car is, the better it'll look when the readers land on your car profile page from the email! If I haven't responded to some of you yet - don't worry, I didn't forget about you. I will be reaching out to you very soon with the submission instructions. It's just taking me a while to go through all these submissions and chat with you guys at the same time, and I really enjoy seeing all these great rides. Thank you thank you thank you!!! BTW - Skylar is our new WW ITB Editor/Marketing Associate. He is super knowledgeable about cars and will be helping me with the curating process. Feel free to follow him and hit him up:


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