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Today was a beautiful break in the rain we've been having and I finished up my weekend car projects with enough day light to spare for a quick romp around my neighborhood to check clearances on the fenders I just spent the last two days trimming and coating.

Had a couple of problems. The first is that the 15x9 Japan Racing wheels with 225/50 section Pirelli Trofeo Rs wouldn't fit under the fenders without some rubbing. The second was that after a year of the gel coat on the rear fenders was pretty blasted to crap.

To get the weirdly profiled Exomotive provided fenders to fit the new wheel and tire package I needed to hack 2 inches off the front and rear edge of each fender. I've never really like the shape of these fenders, cutting them to pieces was not going to give me too much heart ache. With a cardboard template and some painter's tape I marked up each of the cuts...

Then attacked them with an angle grinder. I also reminded myself that angle grinders do not care about your feeling.

Momentary lapse of attention is all it takes to have a bad day. Also, I strongly recommend everybody stay up to date on their tetanus vaccination.

The fender cuts worked out nicely. After trimming and cleaning them up, I hit them with several coats of Rustoleum rubberized undercoating. The coating is nice because it should hide/slow down the sand blasting erosion of the fenders, looks reasonably good, cleans up easily, and is super easy to repair if it does get scratched.

I like the result so well that I'm super tempted to coat the hood/nose and fuel tank cover with this stuff, too. #Exomotive #Exocet #155 #FenderCut #Miata #KitCar #DIY #BuiltNotBought