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#newhere Hey there. As the tag says I'm new around these parts. Looking forward to tracking and sharing my build on wheelwell. Before today I wasn't completely sure exactly which way I wanted to go with my Miata. Track car? Auto cross? But today, here on the west coast, some rain decided to come in. Now I am a spirited driver to put it simply. So with my first time driving a rear wheel drive car in the rain I didn't treat it any differently. That was my first mistake. My second mistake was giving it too much gas while turning. With the wet road and my heavy foot the rear end kicked out and I started sliding. Scary as shit when unintentional, but after that I wanted to do it again... So I decided, as unoriginal as it may be, to make my Miata a Street/Drift car. After I get some maintenance taken care of that's where I'm gonna mod it. Now a few details about me and my Miata. I bought this car about 2 weeks ago, and driving it the 20ish miles home was my first time driving stick. Within the first few days the master cylinder gave out, so I had to replace that and knocked out the slave at the same time. I plan on uploading some pictures as soon as I get it washed (stupid hoa won't let me wash it at home). In the near future I gotta replace some wheel bearings as well as the top, also probably the clutch cause I'm not perfect yet. Also I'm looking for any advice ya'll would have to give. Decent tires, mods, anything. I'm fairly new to the whole car modding thing. Thanks for reading, I'm looking forward to being part of the community