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Owning an M5 is a costly experience. I've never been cheap or cut corners with mine. I can see why other people who own these beasts may be more than frugal with keeping the integrity of the car intact. This M5 is currently off the road. Drive shaft or transmission makes a grinding clicking noise and it misfires at random. Paint is sun scorched. Soooooo.... After spending over $20,000 on it in 2016 and 2017. We will wait. This car will be dismantled and rebuilt/ repainted. Currently has 180,000 miles. Will be a future classic show car. I've enjoyed how this car made me feel as I worked on myself during what felt like the lowest points in my life. Or.. I could sell it to someone who has the resources to bring this back to its former glory. I promise to leave enough meat on the bone for the next buyer... I know its confusing, but I can hold two conflicting thoughts in my head at the same time. Entrepreneurs think this way.