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How to Boost Your Mod Score

At Wheelwell, our goal is to build a community of high-quality resources that help you decide what the best modifications are for your build. So to help promote good content contributions, we use our Mod Score formula to help measure your involvement in the community. This one simple number counts everything from how detailed your build is and where you rank in the leaderboards (, to the quality of the comments you make in the community. It also makes you eligible for sponsorship on Team Wheelwell ( where you can get a huge discount on the parts you’re craving. The Mod Score is designed to reward you for contributing the richest, most detailed content that is most likely to help your fellow gearheads. Mod Score Points are awarded when you: • Add a part to your vehicle’s Installed Parts or Wish List • Build out your vehicle(s) with photos, specs, and a story • Make posts in your garage or vehicle page • Comment and answer questions on other people’s photos, parts, vehicles, and posts Keep in mind that it’s not just 1 point for one “thing” that you do. For example, if you add a part to your Installed Parts list, you actually get more points for filling in more info about that part, and certain things are worth more than others such as the rating and review (those two are worth a lot!). Even adding multiple photos to one part will increase your score faster, and ultimately you could easily get over 15 points for adding a single, detailed part. The exact scoring formula is a trade secret we won’t ever share (unless you’re prepared to bribe us with a steady stream of new R888’s and PFC pads—we are human after all!) But in the end it’s simple – share as much as you can, as often as you can, so that other modders can learn from your experience. And don’t forget to check out the leaderboards ( for some great examples of builds that are killing it with their Mod Scores, and track your progress as you climb the ranks. Happy modding!