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Wishlist Fairy Details

Wishlist Fairy is now a weekly program and chosen members are announced in our Weekly Newsletter.

A lot of people have inquired about how the Wishlist Fairy program works. It is quite simple really. Just add items from the Wheelwell Shop to your wishlist. How are people chosen? Well, the fairy sits down every week, opens up his laptop full of Wishlist items and knocks back a glass of his favorite 18 year old Scotch. Once his wings are tingling he looks through the list of garages and sees what vehicles people are rocking. If you don't have any pics of your ride, he normally skims right passed you thinking you probably don't actually have a car and just want to get something to sell on ebay. He also pays attention to social media. So if you say something nice about him he gets pretty stoked and tries to find your garage. If you #wishlistfairy he normally sends you a unique code to get you items off your list for super cheap. The fairy has chosen a ton of people to hook up already. From valve covers to complete exhaust systems, you never know what he'll end up sending. So make sure you have a varying degree of items. Check out some of the winners below! We created this platform to make it easier to build your dream car. Anything we can do to support that is a priority to us.