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Randy Hartmann
Posted 9 days ago

Living my car dream 30 years and counting

I bought my M5 new in 1988. She was my dream car ever since it was introduced in Europe and Asia only in 1985. It was a forbidden fruit until the last year of production when BMW decided Americans should have a taste of their BMW Motorsport derived uber sedan! She was down 30 horsepower from the European version and also sprouted fugly bumpers and headlights. The 1st order of business was to dump the ugly DOT bumpers and installed an AC Schnitzer body kit to make her look like the designers intended. From there I rebuilt the engine to a Dinan 3.9 stroker motor w/ 345 HP. The car has logged over 500K miles and is still on the original tranny and rear diff. She just won't break! The car was featured on in 2013 and gave me temporary rock star status in some car communities.