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Just a tC

I have owned my 2008 Scion tC for over 5 years now. It started as all stock besides a cold air intake TRD axle back and some other small things. Now I believe I have one of the more unique tC builds in my area. It has been a long journey with this car but I wouldn’t change it at all! I plan on keeping this car as long as possible. The major mods I have are a full turbo netics turbo kit with an AEM FIC 6 piggy back ECU tuned on 93 by Shane at SR tuned. On 10 PSI car made 301 to the wheels 290 TQ. It is lowered on tein flex Z coilovers. 18inch gloss black TRD wheels. Power stop red calipers drilled and slotted rotors. After market head lights and tail lights. Every bulb has been replaced with LEDs. The paint is 100%unique it has added layers of metallic flake. I have done almost all the work my self to this car so it means a lot to me !